About Us

Nobody does beans better

We put care into our beans, nothing else.

What makes our beans the highest quality isn’t just what we put into them; it’s what we don’t. Our beans are non-GMO, our cans are non-BPA, and we reduced the sodium in our Low Sodium beans. Call us crazy, but we think the best taste comes from adding the least.

We’re a superfood for a reason.

Bean Facts

Quality that starts at the farms

We carefully select fields, growers and mills we can trust to meet our unwavering requirements. This process starts very early in the year to ensure we are first in line with the best growers. And we even have a full-time team working with suppliers for field visits and quality control sampling. And unlike many other brands, our organic beans are grown primarily in the U.S.

Why do we do it? Because better beans make better meals.


The highest standards in the industry

With the strictest specs around, our beans—and ultimately your meals—are bound to be better. At S&W, every bean is graded and evaluated for moisture, seed coat damage, foreign materials, bug damage, color, consistency, blistered skins, split beans and ability to rehydrate. These quality checks happen every half hour. And then once they’re in the can, we start those quality checks all over again.

Canned beans are better beans

It’s a shame this veggie isn’t featured in the produce section of the store—because this super food surely deserves it. But, unlike fresh produce, fresh beans are…well, inconvenient. You have to prep them, soak them and wait for hours. That's why we love canned beans. We've already done all the work for you while making sure the beans retain all of their nutrition, texture and taste - and are ready when you are.

120 years of beans, beans, beans

Over the past century, we could have flown to Pluto eight times. But instead, we decided to perfect the simple bean.

If you’re thinking “it’s just a bean,” you haven’t tried ours.