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Try The Recipe Collection's complete line of deliciously unique flavors.


Cuban Recipe Black Beans

Premium quality S&W Black Beans flavored with a delicious combination of red bell peppers, onions and cumin, with just a hint of lime and other spices. Perfect over rice for a quick meal.


Mild Jalapeno Black Beans

Delicious S&W Black Beans mixed with mild jalapeño peppers, lime juice and mouth-watering spices. A great way to spice up chili or soup.


Pinquito Beans

Top quality S&W Pinquito Beans in a savory sauce of onions, peppers, cumin and garlic. Provides a delicious alternative to baked beans.


Chipotle Pinto Beans

S&W's finest Pinto Beans combined with a smoky chipotle sauce. This versatile flavor is a great substitute in any Mexican recipe.


The Recipe Collection

Created by our expert chefs, The Recipe Collection offers a line of deliciously seasoned beans in flavorful sauces. No need to drain these beans - they were created with the perfect blend of spices, flavor, beans and sauce. The Recipe Collection is ideal as a side dish, delicious entrée or ingredient to enhance your favorite meals and recipes.

Quick and Easy Serving Ideas

Discover the world of flavor that The Recipe Collection will bring to your table. Quick and easy ideas to "Serve up the Flavor" include:

  • Over rice as a quick, easy, delicious and nutritious meal
  • Flavorful addition to any chili or soup
  • Substitute in any Mexican recipe
  • Great alternative to baked beans
  • Flavorful side dish - perfect with chicken, pork, beef or fish
  • Enhance your favorite bean recipes and make them your own


Featured Recipes

Three Bean Pork Chili

Create your own fiesta in minutes. A perfect hearty dinner.

Beans and Sausage Skillet Bake

A breakfast favorite--but perfect anytime of day or night.

BBQ Chipotle Beans with Chicken

A robust flavor pairing--the sweetness of barbecue and smokey zest of chipotle. A real crowd pleaser.

Cheesy Chicken and Bean Pocket

This hearty chipotle chicken stuffed pastry is easy to make--perfect for a relaxed dinner at home.

JalapeƱo Black Bean Shrimp Veracruz

Elegant to serve, yet simple to make. You and your guests will love this perfectly spiced shrimp and bean entree.

Sausage, Bean, Cornbread Bake

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